Record-setting start to the year

The Inside Story behind the Numbers by Paul Burton, D&T club statistician

Talent and hard work have continued to be in evidence, as many records were set and honours attained as never before over the winter months.  Special congratulations are therefore due to all our athletes!

Remarkably 28 club records were set in the first two months of this year.  This compares to last year’s tally of 10 and, of course last year more than 120 records were eventually set over the full 12 months!

Click here to view 2019 records so far:

This month, Abbie, Marli and Mia (pictured above, with her gold medal at Nationals) set exciting new marks indoors whilst on the road Angus, Ania, Celia, Kate and Mandy ran faster than ever before, setting very noticeable times.

Honours attained can however be considered as more important than records set.  These therefore merit to be summarised as here below (see website for full details – click here).

AthleteAge GroupPlaceEventChampionshipResult
Tom GAUNCEU15 boys1800m (i)England Athletics Championships
Tom GAUNCEU15 boys1800m (i)SEAA Championships2.07.90
Tom GAUNCEU15 boys3800m (i)Eastern Championships2.06.36
Mia McINTOSHU15 girls160m hurdles (i)England Athletics Championships
Mia McINTOSHU15 girls60m hurdles (i)England Athletics Championship record8.77
Mia McINTOSHU15 girls160m hurdles (i)Eastern Championships8.87
Abbie PARKERU15 girls1300m (i)Eastern Championships40.77
Marli JESSOPU17 women460m hurdles (i)England Athletics Championships
Marli JESSOPU17 women160m hurdles (i)Eastern Championships8.68
Marli JESSOPU17 women260m hurdles (i)Scottish Championships8.71
Marli JESSOPU17 women360m hurdles (i)SEAA Championships8.75
Milly GALLU17 women560m hurdles (i)England Athletics Championship8.71
Milly GALLU17 women460m hurdles (i)SEAA Championships8.77
Milly GALLU17 women2Long jump (i)SEAA Championships5.36m
Grace HUCKNALLU17 women2Long jump (i)Eastern Championships5.15m
Grace HUCKNALLU17 women8Shot putt (i)Eastern Championships8.41m
Demi TUINEMAU17 women5Long jump (i)Eastern Championships4.99m
Demi TUINEMAU17 women3Shot putt (i)Eastern Championships10.81m
Helena van HULLENU17 women4Shot putt (i)Eastern Championships9.89m
Jessica HILLU17 women6Shot putt (i)Eastern Championships8.79m
Destiny OGALIU20 men260m (i)SEAA Championships6.95
Josh WOODSU20 men3Triple jump (i)England Athletics Championships14.57m
Remi JESSOPU20 women5200m (i)Eastern Championships27.39
Amy THURGOODU20 men3High jump (i)Eastern Championships1.55m
Phillipa LOWESenior women2800m (i)SEAA Championships2.05.19
Phillipa LOWESenior women400m (i)UK vest for European Championships
Kate RENNIEVF4010kEngland vest for International Masters 10k
Sam BURNELLU15 boys1Cross countryHerts XC Championships
U15 boys teamU15 boys1Cross countryHerts XC Championships
Sam BURNELLU15 boys1Cross countryChiltern League series
U15 boys teamU15 boys1Cross countryChiltern League series

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