Brilliant start to 2018-19 cross country season at Greenford

Our Middle Distance squad, coached by Mike Dunphy with Rhys Rowlands on hand as team manager, had a brilliant outing at the first NWLL league match of the season at Greenford in Ealing, with all age group teams placing well on the day. The experienced cross country runners in the squad posted strong results after a hard track season and the newcomers to the team did extremely well with only three weeks of middle distance training behind them.

For results, see table below; photos (scroll to the bottom, courtesy of Rhys and parents). Photo above shows the U15 boys team, from left: Jamie L, Tom O, Sam, Joe, Thomas A, Jack, Tom G, Jamie B and Tom Durrant, who was forced to drop out due to stomach cramps.

U17 women – 4000m: Indira Patel had the top result of the day – she romped through the U17 women’s race, finishing first overall with a 20-second gap to second place, and led the team to a second-place finish out of the seven teams. Amy Cassidy showed a welcome return to form, while Jessica Hoar and Lily Boden came in close behind.

U17 men – 4700m: The U17 men’s team also managed to finish an impressive second. Freddie Truman Willliams and Michael Armstrong ran with the leading group until the latter stages of the race when the leaders surged away. In his debut for the club Steven Armitage had a brilliant run and like Jack Raine could be a real find, whilst Angus Saunders had his usual solid run. .

U15 girls – 3000m: Despite missing two of the top runners in this age group, the U15 girls produced some solid runs, with the D&T A team finishing fifth and the D&T B team in ninth. Stella Whitlum produced a very good run, and once again the newcomers did very well with only three weeks of middle distance training behind them. Stella finished first in the series last year as a U13 girl and looks set to build on that result this year in her new age group.

U15 boys – 4000m: The U15 boys also had a stellar outing with D&T dominating the race with six athletes in the top 10. Joe Chamberlain and Jack Raine (a revelation) ran with the leading group until the final 700m, when Jack faded slightly. Joe stumbled at a critical point in the race and lost momentum, but still finished in third, just two seconds adrift of the winner. Sam Burnell and Tom Gaunce both had excellent runs, starting steadily and coming through strongly in the final stages, vaulting the D&T A team into first place of out 13 teams.  Tom O’Reilly and Jamie Bailey ran extremely well, and with Tom Ashton and Jamie Lilley, they finished a strong third in the team standings.

U13 girls – 2000m: The U13 girls were also missing two of their strongest runners, but Isabelle Jelfs had an outstanding run in her debut cross country appearance, and the other newcomers showed great promise. The D&T A team finished a superb third, with the B team in 12th out of 18 teams.

U13 boys – 3000m: In the U13 boys race, Tim Fryer and Jude McKay had a great tussle throughout, with Tim’s faster finish proving decisive. Together, the two boys finished second in the team standings out of 14 teams.

U11 girls – 1200m: Well done to newcomer Effie Walsh in her D&T cross country debut – she finished 18th, and 12th team out of 15 in the category.

Coach Mike commended his squad on their brilliant performances in the first match, adding that he is eagerly looking forward to the next match on 27 October, as by then all the squad’s runners will have another month’s training behind them and he is sure they can do even better.

Age GroupAthleteTimeResult
U11 girlsEffie WALSH6.4418th
U13 girlsIsabelle JELFS7.115th
U13 girlsAmy LANE7.2511th
U13 girlsMilla WALSH7.3917th
U13 girlsBeth MOODY7.5931st
U13 girlsNancie BATESON9.1436th
U13 girlsPoppy WEBSTER9.1737th
U13 girlsLucy COOLEY9.2140th
U15 girlsStella WHITLUM11.298th
U15 girlsJemima BYERS12.1818th
U15 girlsJessica HILL12.2119th
U15 girlsKatie MITCHELL12.2220th
U15 girlsLauren COLLIS13.1629th
U15 girlsEmma CRESSWELL13.4231st
U17 womenIndira PATEL14.241st
U17 womenAmy CASSIDY15.418th
U17 womenJessica HOAR16.1910th
U17 womenLily BODEN16.5611th
U13 boysTim FRYER11.1912th
U13 boysJude McKAY11.2113th
U15 boysJoseph CHAMBERLAIN12.413rd
U15 boysJack RAINE12.464th
U15 boysSam BURNELL13.167th
U15 boysTom GAUNCE13.178th
U15 boysTom O'REILLY13.189th
U15 boysJamie BAILEY13.2110th
U15 boysThomas ASHTON13.4416th
U15 boysJamie LILLEY14.4934th
U17 menFreddie TRUMAN-WILLIAMS15.146th
U17 menMichael ARMSTRONG15.237th
U17 menSteven ARMITAGE15.369th
U17 menAngus SAUNDERS15.5313th
U17 menGeorge DOWDING16.4619th


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