Coach Rob’s Half Marathon and Marathon Training Guides (for spring 2018 races)

These plans will give you an idea of what sort of mileage you ought to be thinking about and also the sort of sessions that we’ll be doing during the Spring as the Tuesday sessions will be geared towards marathons and half-marathons as well as providing a good base for the shorter distances.

The marathon plans also include the main training run dates – plus a little cross-country as well.

The half marathon plans are nominally geared towards the Berko Half date. Of course all the plans can be adjusted to suit any race. I’ve included plans for training 3, 4 and 5 times a week for both distances, plus notes for guidance and pace notes.

Hopefully they will make sense to you and you find them useful. The plans are of course merely advisory, and you may have your own ideas re what sort of training you may wish to do and there are many other training plans available online. I would never presume that I know everything but I believe they would give you a good solid grounding to enable you to run the race you want come race day. Any feedback you might have would be most welcome.

As always if you want any further advice or have any questions then you only have to ask.

Rob (

 Half marathon plan – Guidance
 Half marathon plan – Training Pace Guide
 Half marathon training – 3 runs per week 2018
 Half marathon training – 4 runs per week 2018
 Half marathon training – 5 runs per week 2018
 Marathon plan – Guidance
 Marathon plan – Training Pace Guide
 Marathon training – 3 runs per week 2018
 Marathon training – 4 runs per week 2018
 Marathon training – 5 runs per week 2018